My mother is full of musings and witticisms. I should start my own blog just listing them but hence, no time. However, one of her favorite sayings especially when I was in my teen years and wanting everything everyone else had, was “Imagine how boring this world would be if we were all the same.” Now in my forty-something years, I see the wisdom and truth in those words. I admire uniqueness and sometimes stubbornness in others and myself. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I like being the unique being that is me.

It isn’t much different in the world of science and taxonomy. Different people have different opinions. Just look at the world of woodpeckers (beyond Woody). There are several lists of birds out there, and no sign that things will be agreed upon and coordinated in the near future. This is true in other species as well. This interesting information came from the blog, Woodpeckers of the World, ” and their post, “Woodpecker Taxonomy.”

As in life and in taxonomy, the debates go on.

Melody K. Smith

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