The Systematics Association is hosting a Young Systematists’ Forum 2014 in London, UK on November 21, 2014.  Being committed to furthering all aspects of systematic biology, the Systematics Association is organizing a program of international conferences on key themes in systematics, including a series of major biennial conferences. The association also supports a variety of training courses in systematics and awards grants in support of systematics research.

As is normal for most professional organizations, membership is open to amateurs and professionals with interests in any branch of biology, including microbiology and palaeontology. Members are generally entitled to attend the conferences at a reduced registration rate, to apply for grants from the Association and to receive Newsletters and mailings of information.

The Systematics Association was founded in May 1937 as the “Committee on Systematics in Relation to General Biology” to provide a forum for the discussion of the general theoretical and practical problems of taxonomy. Since then the Association has pioneered discussion on many new developments in systematics and more than 50 special volumes have been published.

Melody K. Smith

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