Softonic has acquired AppCrawlr, the intelligent semantic-based app search engine that lets users find apps using contextual search. This interesting information came from Mobile World Live in their article, “Softonic looks to improve app discovery through AppCrawlr acquisition.”

AppCrawlr’s semantic app search technology automatically identifies and builds tens of thousands of categories to classify apps, and allows users to search for apps by either describing who they are, what they want to achieve, or the app features they need.

Classifying apps? Like a taxonomy?

Classification takes on many different styles and approaches. True taxonomies can help manage big data by providing a solid standards-based taxonomy to index against. The results are comprehensive and consistent search results. Access Innovations is one of a very small number of companies able to help its clients generate ANSI/ISO/W3C-compliant taxonomies because of consistency.

Melody K. Smith

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