There is much chatter about email since the latest Washington brouhaha involving Hillary Clinton’s use of private email at the State Department. Of course, this comes on the coattails of Lois Lerner’s missing emails at the IRS last year and puts extra pressure on the upcoming deadlines for the implementation of electronic email recordkeeping from the Office of Management and Budget. This interesting topic came from GCN in their article, “A practical approach to email records management.”

The Federal Records Act (FRA) and National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) regulations  require that government employees treat email messages created or received in the course of official business as federal records and manage them accordingly.

Even in civilian organizations, managing email data and storage is a challenge. We know that email isn’t going anywhere, at least anytime soon. So the key is to create a document storage strategy that will enable discovery easily and with comprehensive results. Taxonomies can help with this.

How the content is classified impacts the findability of your data. Capturing the data is only part of the project. Professionals should look for an experienced builder of solid standards-based taxonomies to associate content for appropriate machine-assisted indexing. Access Innovations can provide solutions that are ANSI compliant.

Melody K. Smith

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