The Winklevoss twins, perhaps best known for their legal battles with former classmate Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook, predict that by 2025, a “cashless society” will dominate with the virtual currency bitcoin. The New York Post brought us this news in their article, “Winklevoss twins believe bitcoin will ‘wipe out’ cash.”

The Harvard graduates believe bitcoin is destined to wipe out the use of cash, credit cards, and other fee-based money-transfer services like PayPal.

“Cash is going to be killed,” Tyler Winklevoss told a crowd Monday at SXSW Interactive, the annual tech conference. “It will be nostalgia … You’ll tell your grandkids about the wallet, it was this thing made of leather.”

There is a difference in a shift from popular use to actually removing it from the dictionaries and useful vernacular. Time will tell.

Melody K. Smith

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