Taxonomy plays a vital scientific role: collecting and cataloging the natural world for study. Being a taxonimist may not seem to be exciting but for those in the field, they disagree. This interesting topic came from ABC in their article, “A day in the life of a museum taxonomist.”

Dr Amber Beavis is a research scientist and taxonomist at the Western Australian Museum, where she specializes in the arachnids of Australia and the Pacific Islands. Much of the work is highly detailed as she identifies specimens as they come in from the field and re-examines older specimens from the collection.

When it comes to classifying anything – insects, fruit, diseases or candy – it is important to remember the value of a solid taxonomy and its role in the search process. How the content is classified impacts the findability of your data. Access Innovations has extensive experience in constructing taxonomies for academic publishers, and can provide solutions that are ANSI compliant.

Melody K. Smith

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