Barbara Kurshan, contributing writer to Forbes recently said, “Our world as we know it is running on artificial intelligence. Siri manages our calendars. Facebook suggests our friends. Computers trade our stocks. We have cars that park themselves, and air traffic control is almost fully automated. Virtually every field has benefited from advances in artificial intelligence, from the military to medicine to manufacturing. However, almost none of the recent advancements in artificial intelligence have advanced the education industry. Why is education lagging behind? Why has the momentum for artificial intelligence in education seemed to have largely faded in the past few years?” This interesting question came to us from DATAVERSITY in their article, “Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Education.”

We actually highlighted an opportunity that was being utilized in semantic technology and applying it to education in a recent article, “New Applications for Semantic Technology.” It certainly doesn’t balance out the advancements in other industries and applications, but it is refreshing to know there are folks looking at this situation and seeking solutions.

Melody K. Smith

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