Unstructured data has been a problem for a while. Storing it, managing it, and searching it is a challenge. Information Week brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “7 Ways Semantic Technologies Make Data Make Sense.”

The volume is easily the biggest challenge. As unstructured data piles up, semantic technologies help organizations drive business value through a better understanding of the data they have, its value, and the relationships pieces of information have to each other.

The variety of data is a close second. Many organizations are struggling to derive value from their unstructured data. Semantic technologies can help companies understand all of their data and the value of it, and enable insights that were not available before. Businesses are also using semantic technologies to dig into the weeds and find the specific information they need with speed and flexibility. Semantic data analysis is about identifying the meaning and tone in unstructured text.

Melody K. Smith

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