I love books, don’t get me wrong. But a library of wine? That is the newest library on the Cornell campus and it contains no books. This interesting news came to us from Cornell University in their release titled, “New library shelves 3,400 bottles of wine.”

Located in the basement of Stocking Hall, the wine library is kept at a constant 54 degrees and doesn’t have the gigantic windows you imagine in college libraries. However, the shelves contain more than 3,400 bottles of wine, so that makes complete sense.

The John Wilkinson Family Wine Library, a gift from John Wilkinson ’79, will give Cornell students that are in viticulture and oenology courses access to wines sourced from regions across the world. The selection of wines housed in the library will be used to demonstrate the effects of growing practices and winemaking decisions on wine properties as Cornell trains the next generation of wine industry leaders.

The library will be used mainly for teaching, but will also offer space for research wines that require storage under controlled conditions.

Indexing wine bottles is not unlike indexing journal titles. As long as they are indexed against a solid taxonomy, the findability of your data—or bottle—will be greatly improved.

Melody K. Smith

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