There is a constant struggle in IT between vendors and users. They seek to find a common language outside technical speak to define what IT can offer and, on the flip side, what users actually need. This interesting topic came to us from diginomica in their article, “Tech talk – the taxonomy of yesterday.”

Traditional large systems and enterprise marketplaces are changing. Greater business agility means that users need applications and services in production almost literally same-day. Gone is the three-year application upgrade cycle. The need is now and therefore so should the solutions be. In fact, that is a key message – solution. It isn’t techy, it isn’t complicated.

Most businesses fail at being experts because of thick technological jargon. Vendors need to provide both development and management tools in the taxonomy of the users, rather than just dumping more levels of complexity on them. The not-so-distant future will find both sides of the equation speaking the same language and it won’t be complicated.

Melody K. Smith

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