Based on the priorities that President-elect Donald Trump has laid out for his first days in office, one could reasonably expect that government operations will be subject to increased scrutiny as he looks to eliminate wasteful practices and run the government more like a business. Federal Times brought this news to us in their article, “Making information manageable again.”

The current administration is in the process of turning over an unprecedented number of government records to the archivist of the United States and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The Obama administration is expected to turn over millions of records, both physical and digital.

During President Bill Clinton’s transition, his administration transferred 20 million email records and 4 terabytes of electronic records. His successor, President George W. Bush, was responsible for transitioning 200 million email records and 80 terabytes of electronic records. These numbers are expected to skyrocket even further under the Obama administration.

Given the president-elect’s affinity for social media, the Trump administration will likely be responsible for transitioning even more email and electronic records at the end of its tenure.

Melody K. Smith

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