The concept of information overload has long a been a reality, even before the digital age. It was first attributed to Professor Bertram Gross over 50 years ago when he defined it as being directly proportional to a reduction in decision quality. IT ProPortal brought this news to us in their article, “Understanding natural language processing for business.”

Think about that for a moment. It isn’t just that we have too much information. We are busier and faced with more information than ever before in both our personal and professional lives. The result is poor decisions.

Research predicts that the role of natural-language processing will increase in-line with the growing trend of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In order to leverage unstructured content and transform dark data into actionable information, a new approach to classification is required: one that harnesses machine learning, linguistic and semantic technologies. Something to make decision-making more effective.

Melody K. Smith

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