It isn’t every day that the word “taxonomy” is used in a protest. However, thousands of scientists worldwide took to the streets to rail against what they say are mounting attacks against science. This interesting news came to us from NBC 4 out of Columbus, Ohio in their article, “Hundreds rally in March for Science at Ohio Statehouse.”

The March for Science, coinciding with Earth Day, was set for more than 500 cities and to be joined by dozens of nonpartisan scientific professional societies in a turnout intended to combine political and how-to science demonstrations.

Those participating in the rally said their goal was to draw attention to the importance of science-based public policy, while supporting scientific research and STEM education.

Signs and banners readied for the rally a mix of anger, fact and humor. An example of all three was in one 7-year-old’s “No Taxation Without Taxonomy.”

Melody K. Smith

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