Data continues to explode in volume, and the challenge of managing data never ends. Information Age brought this news to us in their article, “Top 3 CIO priorities for addressing today’s data deluge.”

Increased acceptance and use of digital technology is producing massive amounts of data from the cloud, mobile, Internet of Things, social media, and so on. Many companies are responding to this challenge by simply streaming data into “lakes” – a holding ground for native data they haven’t had time to processes. This also means it also goes unmanaged, which could be a critical situation. Data that is of unknown origin, quality and context is untrustworthy for use in any initiative to increase revenues, decrease costs, and manage risk. Rather than being a strategic corporate asset it becomes a business liability.

It is time for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) or whoever is in charge, to implement an information strategy.

Melody K. Smith

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