Business intelligence in the digital culture takes some interesting turns to achieve success. It is even more peculiar for a foodie-based website. This interesting information came to us from Diginomica in their article, “How Allrecipes is building a data-driven culture, one dashboard at a time.”

Allrecipes’ has long been one of this foodies’ preferred online recipe source. Its taxonomy-based approach makes perfect sense to me and makes it easy to look at what is in the pantry and/or refrigerator and find dinner options. Who knew it was using machine learning technology all these years?

The massive database uses a dashboard to filter and sort the ingredients selected by the user. And there are many users. Allrecipes’ advertiser-funded site reports 1.5 billion annual visits.

Organizations are inundated with data, however more data does not necessarily lead to more insights. Data-driven organizations, like Allrecipes, put data at the center and use insights derived from data to drive their strategy and decision making. They understand that data is a valuable asset.

Melody K. Smith

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