IHS Markit has taken the step into natural language processing (NLP) to improve the content of its event catalogs across all of the vendor’s vertical offerings. Markets Media brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “IHS Markit Turns to Natural Language Processing.”

They plan to use the artificial intelligence (AI) discipline to take web-based content in a multi-language setting, classify the events, and insert the results into their data sets. AI is far from a new technology for IHS Markit, which has been using machine learning for approximately a decade. This project is the tip of the iceberg for the vendor, which has more than 20 AI-driven proofs-of-concept in the works. “Five or six of them are in pilots,” said Lance Uggla, CEO of IHS Markit.

In the past decade, IHS Markit has either computerized repetitive operational processes or used computer augmentation to capture additional efficiencies. They plan to take machine learning further and leverage the technology’s built-in process of intelligence.

Melody K. Smith

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