One data integration company is expanding its scope into data cataloging and application program interface development. This interesting news came to us from Silicon ANGLE in their article, “With fall release, Talend jumps into data cataloging and API development.”

As organizations seek to get a better handle on the data they already have and expose it through APIs, Talend SA’s new data catalog automatically crawls data in data lakes, on-premises infrastructure and the cloud, then profiles and classifies it, automatically finding and suggesting relationships between data. It then provides search-based access for quick retrieval. About 80 percent of data definitions can be determined automatically.

A data catalog belongs to a database instance and is comprised of metadata containing database object definitions like base tables, synonyms, views, or synonyms and indexes. A data catalog ensures capabilities that enable any users, from analysts to data scientists or developers, to discover and consume data sources.

Developers will be able to use graphical tools to design APIs and test them in real-world scenarios. The platform includes a service implementation layer for deployment in Talend’s cloud platform.

Melody K. Smith

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