Data scientists can be an expensive ticket for individual organizations to keep on staff. As an alternative, many organizations direct resources to improve their existing staff’s analytics skills. This includes predictive analytics. This interesting topic was brought to us by the Harvard Business Review in their article, “3 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Team’s Predictive Analytics Efforts.

While we are always behind staff development and enhancing your current human resources, organizations need to be aware of some challenges with this approach.

Data science is not a business objective or a learning objective in and of itself. It doesn’t necessarily refer to any particular technology, method, or value proposition. It alludes to a culture of smart people doing creative things to find value in their data.

It is important to prepare your staff to manage machine learning integration as an enterprise endeavor. Involve your staff in determining a more informed choice of analytics software during a later stage of the project. It is a cart before the horse kind of thing.

Melody K. Smith

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