New applications and new interest around artificial intelligence (AI) is assisting with behavior-based email sequences and opt-in pop-ups to messaging bots and internal employee satisfaction analysis. This interesting topic came to our attention from Entrepreneur in their article, “4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future for Businesses Big And Small.”

Businesses of all sizes are embracing AI at such a rate that it is difficult to project where it could be in just a decade or two. It is already playing significant roles in many daily operations.

One interesting application involves emotional analysis. It is projected that by 2022, your personal device will know more about your emotional state than even your own family (which depending on the functionality in your family, may not be saying much).

Emotion AI, also known as affective computing, is an iteration of AI capable of detecting human emotions and responding to those emotions accordingly. It is still being perfected, but one study from the University of Ohio claims that AI is now better at detecting emotions than humans.

Melody K. Smith

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