Recently a speaker’s panel was gathered in Venice, California on the subject, “AI in the Classroom”. The discussion touched on how innovations in technology for the classroom can benefit student learning, and also addressed concerns regarding this new frontier of education. Daily Titan brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Artificial intelligence in classrooms changes learning outcomes.”

The powerhouse panel included an all female panel of five technology industry professionals and was moderated by Eve Psalti, the head of strategic platforms for Google Cloud.

Panelists referred to artificial intelligence (AI) by the more modern definition of augmented intelligence and agreed that is a machine-learning technology that has the ability to accurately and efficiently assess gathered data.

One of the more interesting moments was when Emily Musil Church from Global Learning for XPRIZE pointed out that technology won’t replace education, but higher education would offer an opportunity where students can collaborate to solve real-world problems.

When Church worked in rural villages where classrooms were crowded, there was little opportunity for personal development. If there is a system that uses facial recognition to identify lesson plans for an individual student, she said this technology must work for a diverse range of faces.

Melody K. Smith

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