Businesses were eager to adopt a cloud computing solution into their infrastructure, but how successful was it? Did they understand exactly what they were doing and how to do it? This topic came to us from Solutions Review in their article, “Is Your Enterprise’s Cloud Computing Strategy Working?

Adopting the cloud into your infrastructure is not simple, but can be rewarding if implemented properly. Introducing cloud computing to your business requires not just finding the proper cloud environment, you also need to design a successful cloud strategy that compliments your business and keeps your cloud operations productive and efficient.

Knowing the basics of cloud computing is one thing. Being prepared to integrate cloud computing is something else entirely. Once implemented, how do you know if the enterprise’s cloud computing strategy is working?

Cloud operations will probably be fairly light in the beginning as the business becomes acquainted with the cloud solutions that were integrated. As the IT team becomes more familiar with the technology, they will discover more potential applications for the solution.

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