Emerging technologies are quickly changing the previous concerns over privacy and other negative consequences. They are finally being recognized as the strategic tools of business they were always intended to be. Information Week brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Lead with Purpose: Data, Analytics Cultural Challenges.”

When it comes to data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), there has been some fear and concern. That appears to be fading, giving way to the realization that these technologies just might be investments in strategic success.

Algorithmic decision-making is our future, experts believe. Being a data-driven organization has the potential to lead to greater business success. This doesn’t mean counting everything is beneficial. Sometimes you have to go at this from a different perspective, and be open to new results along the way.

The human fear of being replaced by a machine isn’t anything new, but AI is relieving some of those concerns. You want the data to be meaningful, not just present.

Melody K. Smith

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