Information security is a broad discipline, so when professionals refer to a skills gap, the range could be huge. Where is the real gap? Information Management brought this interesting information to us in their article, “The gap within the skills gap: What does cybersecurity really need?

Because of a not-so-perfect simultaneous occurrence of skills scarcity and high demand, security jobs can demand a high salary. This means that businesses not only struggle to find the right people, they have to pay top-dollar to get them.

Unfortunately this is something that cyber criminals are aware of as well. Attackers take advantage of ill-prepared companies, knowing that they are likely to be successful.

This is critical considering the increase in cyber attacks and the erosion of consumer trust in the ability to protect the internet. Enlisting the next generation of skilled cyber security workers and training existing employees will help build stronger defenses and restore confidence among digital citizens.

Melody K. Smith

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