Machine learning plays a key role in the social media platform, Twitter. From onboarding people on the platform to connecting them with relevant conversations, machine learning is leveraged across a multitude of surface areas. Twitter recently announced this news in their blog post, “Twitter acquires Fabula AI to strengthen its machine learning expertise.”

In support of this, they are building out a research group to focus on a few key strategic areas such as natural language processing, reinforcement learning, machine learning ethics, recommendation systems, and graph deep learning. They have also acquired Fabula AI and its team of machine learning researchers who employ graph deep learning to detect network manipulation.

Fabula has patented algorithms that use the emergent field of “Geometric Deep Learning” to detect online disinformation — where the data sets in question are so large and complex that traditional machine learning techniques struggle to find purchase.

One advantage of the approach is it looks to be language agnostic, which might also impact how fake news spread.

Melody K. Smith

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