Machine learning has permeated all parts of our lives, from retail recommendations to search enhancements. It continues to evolve and grow into more insightful and valuable applications. This interesting topic came to us from Analytics India Magazine in their article, “Machine Learning Now Shows How Music Influences Human Experience.”

Machine learning now is working on the intangible. There are different elements in music that trigger emotion in humans. And machine learning is trying to find out how music affects brain activity, physiological response, and human-reported behavior.

New research by University of Southern California is trying to figure out the elements in a song that trigger different emotions in a human. The project has been carried out considering things like dynamics, timbre, harmony, rhythm, and register. They are also trying to figure out how machine learning could use these elements and relate them to emotions to predict how people might respond to a new piece of music.

The applications could not only help you select your bedtime or gym playlist but would also help movie makers, therapists etc. to come up with targeted musical experiences.

Melody K. Smith

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