Google has released the topics that earned the most searches over the course of 2019. This annual practice gives insights into the interests and priorities of the general public. This interesting topic came to us from in their article, “Google Just Released the Top Search Trends for 2019 and Reveals What We Care About Most.”

With no surprise, this year the most searched term is ‘Disney plus.’ One of the more surprising things about this is the fact that the new streaming service has been around since November.

Many of the other top searches this year included people who made the news for various reasons. Nipsey Hussle, Antonio Brown, Luke Perry, and Jussie Smollett were all in the top 10. Other current events made the list, such as Hurricane Dorian, Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, and the iPhone 11.

People are inherently curious, just like cats. This is reflected in the list as a whole; curiosity is the thread that runs through the most-searched topics from this year.

Melody K. Smith

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