Education is never a waste of time. It is encouraging to know there has been an increased interest in learning more about how data information science is used by learning institutions in order to make the lives of students better. Analytics Insight brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “The Importance of Incorporating Data Science in Learning for Students.”

Many learning institutions have been using this opportunity to develop a predictive framework to enhance their social networks. The application of this data varies but most are seeing benefits at some noted level.

The advancement in the use of massive data analytics has made it possible for lecturers and teachers to analyze the student’s requirements basing it on performance and results reviews. In return, the monitoring of the students has enabled teachers to respond appropriately through the change of teaching methods to attain the expected need.

This removes any level of bias, known or unknown, leaving the evaluation of each student genuine. As a result, this will offer all students an equal opportunity to learn and to improve their skills.

Melody K. Smith

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