Working from home was new and novel for millions of people a year ago. Now it is the normal for the foreseeable future. Aside from video conferencing, how can technology make this situation better for everyone – from employee to employer? This interesting information came to our attention from Human Resource Executive in their article, “As remote work continues, what is AI’s role?

Information management professionals believe the situation will continue to evolve and artificial intelligence (AI) could play a key role.

Many organizations will continue to allow or even mandate remote work post-pandemic for many reasons. This leaves some wondering how recruitment, performance management and job satisfaction/retention will be managed.

This is where AI-powered solutions will prove valuable. The collection and aggregation of analytics will enable the monitoring and identification of low-engagement employees and employees likely to leave.

The use of AI isn’t new. Eighty-eight percent of companies globally already use AI in some way for HR.

Melody K. Smith

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