It is expected that in 2022, the machine learning market will reach a value of $8.81 billion. The emerging technology world is changing fast and not everyone is keeping up with the trends. Customer Think brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Future of Machine Learning: Ways ML and AI Will Drive Innovation & Change.”

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) will drive innovation in various industries in the years to come. In fact, 73% of businesses in the United States plan to use more AI and machine learning in cybersecurity tools this year.

The cyberattack surface in modern enterprise environments is massive, and it’s continuing to grow rapidly. This means that analyzing and improving an organization’s cybersecurity posture needs more than mere human intervention. AI and machine learning are now becoming essential to information security, as these technologies are capable of swiftly analyzing millions of data sets and tracking down a wide variety of cyber threats — from malware menaces to shady behavior that might result in a phishing attack.

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Melody K. Smith

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