We are coming up on two years of the “new normal”, whatever that is. The Business Times brought this interesting and relevant information to our attention in their article, “Digital priorities in the new normal.”

Almost two years ago, businesses accelerated their digitization plans to cope with the pandemic crisis, and many are now wondering if they can keep up the pace for transformation in the year ahead.

Between remote working, supply chain challenges and staffing shortages, how can the budget handle more innovation? It’s clear that we cannot go back to the ways we performed work pre-pandemic. Regardless of industry, location, sector or role, our workplaces, customer expectations and tools have drastically changed for good. 

To be sure, every business is different, often facing different challenges. Each may be in a different phase of transformation, requiring different tools to get a job done. Priorities could differ vastly, even though each business may be expanding their efforts. Although we’ve seen radical changes in digitization within the past two years, there’s still so much more to come. 

Melody K. Smith

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