Cyberattacks are rampant and can devastate a network in short time. Venture Beat brought this information to us in their article, “Security AI is the next big thing.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used by cybersecurity professionals to reinforce cybersecurity best practices and minimize the attack surface rather than continually being on the lookout for malicious activity. On the flipside, cybercriminals can take advantage of those same AI systems for malicious purposes.

For modern organizations, AI is now vital for keeping up with the fast-moving threat landscape and offers a variety of use cases that enterprises can leverage to improve their security posture.

Keeping up with the latest threats isn’t the only compelling use case that AI has within cybersecurity. AI also offers the ability to automatically process and categorize protected data so that organizations can have complete transparency over how they process this data.

Making content safe is important. Making it findable is important to knowledge management.

Melody K. Smith

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