Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are key drivers of growth and innovation across all industries, and the education sector is no different. This interesting topic came to us from Gulf Today in their article, “Emerging technologies in education.”

While AI-powered solutions have been in the education/technology space for some time, the industry has been slow to adopt them. However, the pandemic drastically shifted the landscape, forcing educators to rely on technology for virtual learning. Now, 86% of educators say technology should be a core part of education. AI has the power to optimize both learning and teaching, helping the education sector evolve to better benefit students and teachers alike. 

AI can help students achieve their goals by streamlining the education process. By providing access to the right courses, improving communication with teachers and freeing up more time to focus on other aspects of life, AI can make a significant impact on students’ educational journey. 

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Melody K. Smith

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