Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the business landscape and providing competitive advantages to those that embrace it. However, it is time to move beyond the simple implementation of AI and to ensure that AI is being used in a safe and ethical manner. Venture Beat brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Responsible AI will give you a competitive advantage.”

Responsible AI is a governance framework that documents how a specific organization is addressing the challenges around AI from both an ethical and legal point of view. Resolving ambiguity for where responsibility lies if something goes wrong is an important driver for responsible AI initiatives.

AI can be used for anything from insurance underwriting to detecting cancer. The defining characteristic is that there is limited-to-no human input into the decisions made by the system. This can lead to many potential issues and companies need to define a clear approach to using AI. 

Responsible AI will serve not only as a protection against negative consequences, but also as a competitive advantage in and of itself.

Melody K. Smith

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