Believe it or not, Peer Review Week 2022 is just around the corner. Peer Review Week is September 19-23, 2022 and is in its eighth year. The theme for 2022 is Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this news to our attention in their article, “Announcing Peer Review Week 2022: An Interview with the Co-Chairs.”

Peer review is very important. It is designed to assess the validity, quality and often the originality of articles for publication. Its ultimate purpose is to maintain the integrity of science by filtering out invalid or poor quality articles. From a publisher’s perspective, peer review functions as a filter for content, directing better quality articles to better quality journals and so creating journal brands.

This year’s theme is appropriate because disciplines are constantly evolving and research maintains a pulse on that evolution. So peer review is the start of a conversation that needs to continue within the research literature as scholars cite, comment on and build upon each other’s work.

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