July 1, 2010 – WriteCite.com is taking the important skill of recording and verifying sources of information, known as referencing, and making it easier.

In their press release titled, “Librarians cited by WriteCite.com”, they state their intention is to respond to learners expectations for immediacy. The Internet reinforces this and WriteCite.com is purposefully designed to cater to this expectation while teaching students how to reference.

WriteCite.com holds exciting possibilities for librarians who are the custodians and educators of a learning institution or organization’s referencing styles. It works on all the major web browsers and supporting computer platforms and can be integrated with the online style manuals that many university libraries publish for their students as well as for corporate and government libraries.

According to Michael Hargreaves, founder of WriteCite.com, they also foresee that the role of librarians will continue to expand as a direct consequence of the Internet. WriteCite.com will exhibit at this year’s Internet Librarian International Conference to be held in London on October 14-15.

Melody K. Smith

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