October 5, 2010 – Queplix Virtual Data Manager (QVDM) automates application and data integration and provides ongoing data harmonization while enabling a consistent view of customer, product, and financial data so that vital information remains accurate across software systems.

We found this news on Enterprise Systems in their article, “Queplix Virtual Data Manager Integrates On-Premise, Cloud, Saas Software Application Data.”  Many online applications do not share a common or consistent data set. At Queplis Virtual Data Manager’s core is a persistent metadata server, accessible to all applications to enable a common source of data information and truth. Queplix CEO Mark Cashman said in a prepared statement,

“…Queplix Virtual Data Manager is creating a new paradigm for data management that removes the complexity and cost of integrating and managing multiple silos of legacy and enterprise applications and data…”

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Melody K. Smith

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