January 27, 2011 – Recent reports predict a bright future for Twitter and their ad revenue. The social networking site is predicted to earn nearly three times the revenue growth as compared to 2010.

PCMag brought us this “not so surprising” news in their article, “Twitter’s Ad Revenue Predicted to Pass MySpace.” This comes on the heels of a customer service promise earlier in 2010 by Twitter’s founders to reduce downtime, i.e., no more “fail whale”, the iconic image that once plagued Twitter. Apparently that promise held true because in November 2010, Twitter reached 100 percent up-time – down for just a single minute.

This comes as a surprise to many who initially questioned how Twitter could be a revenue generator. The answer? Its use of “promoted tweets,” which put ads on Twitter, first in search results and later in user feeds both on Twitter.com and the myriad third-party clients that access the service, such as TweetDeck, TwitterBerry, etc.

Many users have liked the fact that the ads are really tweets and therefore they have to “compete” for attention and influence just like any other tweet. Compare this approach to blatant advertising flashing in your peripheral vision.

Melody K. Smith

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