January 26, 2011 –ASIS&T and Access Innovations are hosting a webinar series comprising four sessions, spaced a week apart, beginning Thursday, January 27, 2011. They will examine ways that taxonomies are used to enhance search, involve users, and increase the value of information assets. The sessions are free to ASIS&T Members and for non-members, the cost will be $49 per session. Sign up for all 4 and receive a 20% discount, or become a member today and register at no cost.

The traditional use of taxonomy is still valid and tremendously significant, enabling precise and complete search returns. But with the evolution of web and search technologies, there are an increasing number of relevant connections that help users discover additional resources, facilitate effective collaboration, and better use the mountains of information available to them. Carefully built taxonomies and intelligent indexing provide the foundation for many of these semantic enhancements. Inspired information architects have built them into portals and web sites that engage users and provide them with new ways to connect. Publishers and others who sell content find these linkages good for business, making it easier for their visitors to identify content valuable to them, and turning them into return visitors.

The sessions will include Semantic integration – Leveraging the taxonomy; Taxonomies in search; Setting up the store – Taxonomies in e-commerce; and People directories and author networks based on taxonomies. To register for one session or all, please go to the website.

Melody K. Smith

Sponsored by Data Harmony, a unit of Access Innovations, the world leader in indexing and making content findable.