The OpenStack project recently held a webinar to both elaborate on new features introduced in Cactus and describe anticipated elements of the upcoming Diablo release.

We found this news on InfoQ in their article, “OpenStack Discusses Cactus, Previews Diablo.” Cactus is not expected to solve the problems experienced by EC2 customers, but with the Diablo summit quickly following, it is likely to be a hot topic.

OpenStack started as a collaboration between Rackspace and NASA to support the agency’s Nebula cloud. This open-source cloud operating system is built up from multiple clusters of redundant commodity servers. The design allows OpenStack to be vendor neutral and scalable to any size with no point of failure. Code-named “Nova,” it provides the software, control panels and APIs for managing a cloud.

A new item in the Cactus release is staticweb, a middleware solution that allows customers to host static web sites. There is also a checksum on GET to ensure data integrity, proxy refactoring and improved indexing.

Melody K. Smith