Much discussion is happening about the popularity of ebooks and the projected demise of “real” books. Not everyone has given up on the real thing yet, but one author points out the change that has befallen us due to the e-readers.

The DenverPost is where we found this interesting topic, in their article, “The new way we read: 10 ways digital books are changing our literary lives.” The first obvious change is where we purchase books. No longer do we have to stand in line at the local bookstore (if there still is one); we can in a matter of seconds download a book directly to our e-reader. And without that actual paper, where do we scribble our thoughts and notes? Never fear, Kindle offers a feature for those people who miss the margins.

There are suitable options for most, apart from the collectors. Nothing beats a first edition. Digital technology hasn’t found a replacement for those dusty treasures, yet.

Melody K. Smith