As advertisers are navigating the world of social media, many don’t get the possibilities that abound. However, every once in a while, a brand gets it right. Pandora managed to create socially relevant content of genuine interest to the consumers and use appropriate advertising on social media and search sites.

We found this interesting news on Biz Community in their article, “What a charming campaign.” Pandora was offering customizable charm bracelets that represented more than  jewelry; they represented unforgettable moments. There were a lot of women talking about the brand on social media, but the conversations were fragmented and Pandora struggled to engage with fans.

The application launch was supported by a paid media campaign, split between Facebook social ads, search and viral seeding. The search campaign incorporated more than 8000 keywords and phrases covering minerals, product IDs, sentiments, jewelry categories, geography and much more.

The results of all this work included more than 575,000 application installs, more than 1,35 million application visits, and more than 112,000 bracelet designs with over 43,000 Likes. Interestingly, more than 18,500 taxonomies were attached to designs and over 2,000 taxonomy defined groups were formed and followed by users.

Besides seeing the positive results of a social media marketing campaign, it is also interesting to see taxonomies at work.

Melody K. Smith

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