Months after the event, experts continue to ponder how and why Watson was able to trump two human competitors on the television game show, Jeopardy. They also muse on the attention this event has brought back to IBM.

This continuing topic was found on PC Pro in their article, “Why Watson may put our creativity in Jeopardy.” We didn’t exactly expect this event to disappear in the archives, but it certainly has created a cult-like following that does surprise us.

Some natural-language processing fans tout this as using technology and information databases  as an extension of our brains and intellect. But never fear, those on the other side of the table consider it a waste of our intellect by not stretching our naturally-given intelligence and relying on technology. Whether you are a semantic cheerleader or sideline skeptic, I think you’ll have to agree that this issue will go quietly into the night.

Melody K. Smith

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