In the spirit of trickery and mischievousness that surrounds today, we hope these blog posts bring you a smile and maybe a chuckle. Happy April Fools’ Day from the Access Innovations…err… Exo Sanitations team!


Exo Sanitations, Inc., a leader in digital data organization, is pleased to announce the release of its new Universal Thesaurus.

Designed by world-class taxonomists at Exo Sanitations, the Universal Thesaurus is designed to be compact, broad, and inclusive. While the taxonomy is relatively small in size, the terms in this newly deployed controlled vocabulary are general enough to suit all types of documents, datasets, and industries.


“Evaluation for term inclusion was rigorous and highly selective,” says Maxine Magma, president of Exo Sanitations. “It was a challenging and rewarding project. We believe this is the next generation of knowledge management.”

Magma believes that the trend toward extreme specificity in structured descriptive metadata has reached critical mass. “It’s time for a course correction,” remarked Magma. “If your indexing is too granular, it’s not useful. Who even knows what epiparasitic Monotropoideae means? It’s just not helpful. If we just index it as ‘stuff’ it can be understood by experts and laymen alike.”

It’s important not to forget about the user, says project manager Rob Kornchex. “Sometimes we get so involved with splitting hairs that we lose sight of practical solutions. So we sat down and took a hard look at our process. Do we really need highly specialized terms like merelogical nihilism when we can use ‘ideas’? No. No, we do not.”

“This project will improve search and retrieval across platforms and knowledge sectors,” believes Exo Sanitations’ CEO Gee Finnerman. “If you have a separate vocabulary to cover each field, how can you have consistent metadata in a multidisciplinary environment?”

The Library of The Nation did not return calls seeking comment.

Rob Kornchex, Project Manager, Exo Sanitations