In the spirit of trickery and mischievousness that surrounds today, we hope these blog posts bring you a smile and maybe a chuckle. Happy April Fools’ Day from the Access Innovations…err… Exo Sanitations team!

Sometimes Advanced Search just isn’t enough.

On this date last year, you may recall, Google unveiled a Really Advanced Search, with more than a dozen different option fields that included searching rhyming slang, embarrassing grammatical faux pas, font, content that is true, and “this exact word or phrase, whose sum of unicode points is a mersenne prime.”

Other highly touted Google Really Advanced Search features included:

Not to be outdone by Google,  in the year of continuous testing and development that has ensued, the Exo Sanitations team is proud to announce the launch of the Really Really Advanced Search, which takes advanced search to the extraordinarily new, multi-sensational next level.


Browsing the web has never been easier (or more fun!) with the Really Really Advanced Search by Exo Sanitations. Forget precision and recall. Now you can search by sight, sound, and smell in a new multi-sensational interface. Improve your browsing habits by easily weeding out all of those annoying web pages with animated GIFs, black backgrounds and neon fonts, textured backgrounds, looping music, and the use of Comic Sans font. Plus, bonus features make browsing the latest viral YouTube videos and most liked Facebook posts a breeze. (Because, honestly, what is the Internet really for?)

Bourbon On-Call, Project Manager, Exo Sanitations