Version 1.0 of TokuMX, a version of MongoDB that has its storage layer replaced with Tokutek’s storage engine, has been released. This interesting news was found on H-Online in their article, “TokuMX brings “Fractal Tree indexing” to MongoDB.” This new version is available for MySQL and MariaDB and uses the company’s patented Fractal Tree indexing. The company claims an improvement of 268 times in query performance and a 532 times improvement in multi-key index insertions.

The Tokutek storage engine uses a write-optimized compression scheme that reduces storage requirements by 90 per cent without changing the performance characteristics of the database.

Indexing tools are nice and seem convenient, but without taxonomies and business rules to interpret content and apply terms that are easily integrated with other systems, they are literally a tool – a manual screwdriver trying to do a power screwdriver’s job.

Melody K. Smith

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