I have a confession to make. I do not like sports. I do not watch sports. I know almost next to nothing about sports.

Now I want to brag. I like and know more about sports than my husband, so you now know how little he cares about the topic. This makes it peaceful in our home, as we aren’t fighting for the remote, and I don’t lose him for weekends at a time in whatever season it happens to be at the time. So when I found this unique taxonomy – and you already know my fascination with alternative topic taxonomies – I hesitated to write about it. I mean, I know nothing about any sport so why would I broach anything close to that subject? Then I wondered, “Am I included in that taxonomy, since I am not technically a fan?” The curiosity kept me reading Inquirer Lifestyle’s article, “A taxonomy of the collegiate sports fan.”

I can report that the answer is no, I was not included. Simply put, I am not a fan. Therefore, why would I be included? This is a good lesson about taxonomies. Relevant terms are powerful. Semi, distantly related? Maybe not so much.

Melody K. Smith

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