Education Secretary Arne Duncan appeared on the Colbert Report this week where he stressed the importance of both preschool and post-secondary education to host Stephen Colbert. Studies have shown that there is a seven-to-one return on investment when children attend preschool. This interesting information was found on ABC News in their article, “Colbert Reveals How Textbooks Saved Him From Torture.”

All jokes aside, it is always good to remember that education changes lives. Not just the lives of the students, but the lives of their family and their community. This is true in developing countries and right here in the United States.

Some of this education comes from history and we wouldn’t have that to share with our students if it weren’t for those who took time to record it and archive it. The facts, photos, stories, and documents that so richly shape our world now are all because some historian took time to preserve knowledge. We thank you for that.

Melody K. Smith

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