At last. I searched and searched and was starting to lose faith, but never fear, a Christmas-themed taxonomy I have found. If you are a Hallmark movie watching fan, this might not be news to you and you might even be the slightest bit insulted, but just a tiny bit.

I found this gem on Bright Wall Dark Room in their post, “In Defense of Sentimental Schlock: A Taxonomy of Made-for-Television Holiday Films.” Whether your favorite is the faith-based fantasy approach or just the straight up romantic storyline, the author of this article has addressed the nuances of face acting and typecasting across them all.

I will be honest, I am not a fan of these type of movies. However, I was intrigued that there was one that actually had a sequel, starring Neil Patrick Harris, no less. I might just watch that if I am flipping through channels some day.

Melody K. Smith

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