The Tribune Co. has agreed to buy the Gracenote subsidiary from Sony for $170 million. This will add a music metadata service to its video metadata operation. Gracenote is best known for its music metadata, used by a number of streaming music services. The Gracenote database gets 550 million look-ups each day and more than 16 billion every month. This news come from CED Magazine in their article, “Tribune to buy Gracenote for $170M.”

Stephen White, president of Gracenote, said, “The marriage of these world-class music and video data platforms, from TMS and Gracenote, will help us reimagine how people discover and connect with music, movies and TV shows across all devices.”

With all that metadata, one way to ensure findability, even with big data issues, is through a taxonomy. A standards-based taxonomy provides clear and concise order to your data, which enables comprehensive search results. Standards are key to a solid taxonomy and comprehensive indexing.

Melody K. Smith

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