I live in Kentucky. You can’t look either direction without seeing a billboard for one bourbon brand or another. It is infiltrated into our environment and definitely our economics. We all have our favorites and then there are the illusive brands that many covet and/or steal. But what is the difference between whisky, whiskey, and bourbon? Is there a difference? One interesting and humorous look at a different type of glossary or some would say pseudo-taxonomy recently appeared on Drizly Blog in their post, “A Whiskey Glossary.”

I have heard that bourbon comes from Kentucky and whiskey/whisky comes from Tennessee. But is it that simple? Is it really just a geographic difference, or does that geographic location actually make a difference in the process and/or taste? Those questions are addressed in this blog, along with the fact that the answers aren’t firm. Even the Tennessee legislature is still debating what defines Tennessee whiskey.

Melody K. Smith

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